High Performance Alkaline Batteries

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A1604-1K ALAA-24PPJ 814-2K ALC-12PPJ ALAAA-24PPJ ALAA-48PPJ ALD-12PPJ 813-2K 824-4K AL9V-12PPJ 815-4K ALAAA-18PPJ
470145-498CS 161.89 USD
470145-498 470145-514 470145-520 470145-508 470317-630 470317-628 470145-506 470145-518 470145-502 470228-996 470145-504 470145-512
High Performance Alkaline Batteries
These alkaline batteries provide a much longer life than conventional carbon-zinc batteries.

  • High quality
  • Long storage life
  • Guaranteed against leakage
  • Contains no mercury or cadmium
Enhanced Rayovac High Energy alkaline batteries offer the ultimate in energy and savings. For reliability in devices you use every day, Rayovac High Energy provides power that lasts as long as the competition at a competitive price. Features Smart Seal technology, a highly engineered seal that allows more space for active ingredients.