High-Frequency Coil

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High-Frequency Coil
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
The High-Frequency Coil can be used to test vacuum equipment for leakage or excite electrical tubes for demonstrations.

  • Coil Tests Vacuum Equipment for Leakage or Excites Electrical Tubes for Demonstrations
  • Instructions Included
  • Connecting Cord and Attachment Plug Included
  • Coil Is Mounted in Bakelite Case
  • Small Enough to Hold in One Hand
It's mounted in a hard Bakelite case small enough to hold in one hand. One terminal is attached to the pointed end of the coil. A screw at the large end is adjustable.

The voltage is 40-50kV, and the spark frequency is three to four MHz. A featured knob adjusts the spark length. After 10 minutes of continuous use, the coil must be turned off to cool.

Ordering information: This coil includes a connecting cord, attachment plug, and instructions.