Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus

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470122-032EA 33.39 USD
Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus
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Classic Design for Quantitative Work

Maximum convenience and minimum problems with breakage are assured with this large, eye-catching Hoffman form electrolysis apparatus. Designed for precise quantitative measurements, the two large 60mL graduated gas collecting tubes feature easy-to-read 0.2mL divisions. Stopcocks with ground glass connections retain or release gases with a twist of a finger. Glass components are mounted on an acid-resistant plastic panel; the reservoir (filling tube) is recessed into the panel for added protection. Convenient screw cap binding posts at the bottom make connections a cinch. The apparatus comes complete with a sturdy support stand and clamp, graduated H tube with stopcocks, reservoir tube, back panel and glass platinum electrodes (not shown). Overall height is 65cm. With instructions.