Human Genetics Experiment Kit

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Human Genetics Experiment Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Genetics Learning Activities
How Are Inherited Traits Transmitted?

  • Develop A Controlled Experiment And Collect Data From Self And Family Members
  • Understand And Demonstrate Principles Of Heredity And The Relationship Of Dominant And Recessive Traits
  • Time Required: One 50 Minute Class Period
The experiment is based on the transmission of a single inherited trait - the ability to taste harmless PTC (phenylthiocarbamide). The goal is for students to determine if they have this gene. They collect data by testing family members, correlating and pooling the data for the entire class, then calculating the random segregation data according to the Hardy-Weinberg Law. Background information about the Hardy-Weinberg Law and information about calculating gene frequency and the genetics of ABO blood typing are Included:.

Teacher’s Guide with SDS
PTC test paper, Strips
Control test paper, Strips
Genealogy and Data Charts