Human PCR Tool Box Lab Activity

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Human PCR Tool Box Lab Activity
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials PCR Learning Activities
Six Experiments in One Comprehensive Kit

  • Allow students to explore their own genetics
  • Open or guided inquiry-based experiment
  • Total of 18 PCR reactions possible
  • Time required: ~75 min plus 2 hours for PCR
Carry out three PCR experiments in your class at once! This kit provides three sets of primers to carry out the PCR amplification of Alu element (PV92) on chromosome 16, the VNTR locus (D1S80) on chromosome 1, and two regions of the mitochondrial gene. For 6 runs of each PCR reaction.

Ordering information: Kit includes instructions, proteinase K, PCR EdvoBeads™, control and primer DNA, microtubes, chelating agent, agarose, DNA ladder, practice gel loading solution, gel loading dye, electrophoresis buffer, InstaStain® Ethidium Bromide and FlashBlue™ stain. Required, but not included are micropipettes, tips, water bath, thermal cycler, electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, microwave or hot plate, and UV transilluminator.

Packaging: Storage: Some components require refrigerator and freezer storage on arrival.