Identification of Substances Lab Activity

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Identification of Substances Lab Activity
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This lab is a great introduction to qualitative analysis.

  • Activities Include Identifying Common Metallic and Non-Metallic Ions in Zinc and Cadmium
  • Students Research Distinctive Properties in Tested Substances
  • Kit Contains Tests for Known and Unknown Substances
  • Safe and Clear Test Results
Specific positive and negative ions are often used to identify inorganic substances. In this kit, students identify common metallic and non-metallic ions in zinc, cadmium, antimony, barium, sulfate, sulfide, sulfite, and carbonate.

Through the identification process, students learn that each substance has distinctive properties. As a closing activity, students conduct chemical tests on four unknown substances. All test results are safe, clear, and colorful.

Ordering information: This lab includes chemplates with spatulas and gas collector caps, Lab-Aids, gas delivery tubes, absorbent paper, calcium carbonate, unknowns, barium chloride, antimony chloride, cadmium nitrate, lead acetate, potassium permanganate, sodium sulfate, sodium sulfite, zinc nitrate, hydrochloric acid, limewater, and sodium sulfide.