Incu-Shaker™ Mini-Basic Platform

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Incu-Shaker™ Mini-Basic Platform
Shakers and Mixers Shaking Incubators
Ideal for flasks, tubes, and plates, this incu-shaker allows for instant exchange of accessories within the MAGIc-Clamp™ system.

  • Programmable Temperature up to 60°C
  • Orbital Shaking Speed up to 300 rpm
  • Small Footprint Fits on Any Lab Bench
  • Standard Platform and Non-Skid Rubber Mat Included
  • Ideal for Flasks, Tubes, and Plates
Temperature can be digitally programmed up to 60°C with an orbital shaking speed of up to 300 rpm. Its small footprint fits comfortably on any lab bench. A standard platform and non-skid rubber mat are included for use with flasks as well as tissue culture dishes and trays.

MAGIc Rack™ Magnetic Platform provides the base for the attachment of all magnetic flask clamps and racks, so the Incu-Shaker Mini can accept all magnetic accessories. It easily attaches with four thumbscrews and allows for the instant changing of magnetic flask clamps and racks without screws or tools.

Accessories information: The MAGic-Clamp magnetic platform is also available as an accessory to provide for instant changing of clamps and racks.

Ordering information: Two-year warranty.