Indoor Air Quality Meter

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470204-104EA 652.45 USD
Indoor Air Quality Meter
Monitoring Systems CO2 and Temperature Monitoring Systems
Ideal for Student Testing at School

  • Multiple readings at once
  • Backlit display
Monitor air quality in your classroom, lab, cafeteria, and other areas with potentially high levels of carbon dioxide for a lesson in environmental factors effecting air quality. This accurate unit meatures CO2, humidity, dew point, air temperature, and wet bulb temperature. The unit’s backlit LCD simultaneous displays CO2 level, humidity and air temperature, or the user may choose a rotating display of dew point and
wet bulb temperature instead of air temperature. It also calculates TWA (Time Weighted Average) and STEL (Short-Term Exposure Limit). Additional features include simple user calibration of CO2 and RH, audible C02 threshold alarms, min/max/ave, hold and a computer interface. Its NDIR (non-dispersive
infrared) technology ensures long-term accuracy, stability and reliability. Comes in a hard carrying case with four AA batteries.
Air Temperature °C range: -10–60°, resolution: 0.1, accuracy: 0.6°C. Air Temperature °F range: 14–140°, resolution: 0.1, accuracy: 0.9°°F. RH range: 0–100%, resolution: 0.3, accuracy: ±3%. Dew Point range °C: -13.3–60°, resolution: 0.1. Dew Point range °F: 8–140°, resolution: 0.1. Wet Bulb range °C: -73.4–60°, resolution: 0.1. Wet Bulb range °F: -100–140°, resolution: 0.1. CO2 range: 0–5000 ppm, resolution: 1 ppm, accuracy: ±30ppm/ ±5%rdg. Size: 8 1/4" x 3" x 2 1/2"; weight: 10oz.