Inertia Ball

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Education / Physics teacher / GA
Yes, I recommend
I bought this for another teacher in my department after years of continued great service from the inertia ball I have. The inertia ball that arrived is exactly like the one I previously purchased, but does not match the one in the photo. Here are the rough measurements: ~1.75 kg, ~78 mm diameter, the eye hooks are only about 13.5 mm outer/6.4 mm inner diameter. This sphere works great for inertia demonstrations and as a pendulum demonstration when hung from the ceiling.
Reply associate Published 08/17/2017
Thank you for sharing. We're happy to hear that these inertia balls are consistent with your previous purchase.
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Beaumont, Texas
No, I didn't recommend
"Item sent nothing like photograph" - The inertia ball that I was sent is too small to be used for physics demonstrations. Also the ball sent looks nothing like the one illustrated.
470152-320EA 24.5 USD
Inertia Ball
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Show the surprising effect of an impulse load on a large inertial mass.

  • Use as an inertial mass or a large pendulum bob
  • Powder-coated iron sphere
This powder-coated iron sphere may be used to demonstrate the effect of an impulse on a massive object. Suspend the sphere with a light cord using the top and bottom eye hooks. First jerk down hard on the lower cord until it breaks. Then, replace the cord, but pull down slowly and gently. The results reveal worlds about inertia! Alternatively, the spehere can be used as a massive pendulum bob for exciting demonstrations of harmonic motion and conservation of energy.

The sphere comes with two eye hooks mounted opposite each other, and a third eye hook for a safety line. The eye hooks can be removed if desired. Color and texture may vary slightly.