Inflatable Lungs Kit

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Education / Science Teacher / North Palm Beach, FL
Yes, I recommend
Great kit to teach students about the danger of smoking. The comparison between the damaged and healthy lungs is startling for students. Highly recommend.
Reply associate Published 04/23/2024
Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear the students are learning so much from our Inflatable Lungs Kit.
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Inflatable Lungs Kit
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The Inflatable Lungs Kit demonstrates the touch and feel of a lung.

  • Advanced Lung Simulation
  • Multiple Lung Types
  • Interactive Kits
  • Real Lungs Simulate Breathing with Provided Pump
  • Teacher's Guide Included
Students learn how these specially preserved swine lungs, comparable to those of humans, work by inflating and deflating them with a pump. Each kit comes with a section of dried lung to show internal bronchi and vasculature.

The lungs in the Smoker’s Lungs Kit are stained to demonstrate the effects of prolonged smoking and contain palpable simulated tumors. Each kit measures 13 x 8”.

Ordering information: Each kit comes with a section of dried lung, an inflation rack and tray, air pump; one pair of reusable and inflatable swine lungs, a container for storing the lungs, and a teacher’s guide. The lungs in the Smoker’s Lungs Kit are stained and have simulated tumors. The Comparison Kit comes with one pair of normal lungs and one pair of simulated smoker’s lungs.

Caution: WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Formaldehyde, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to