Introductory Youth Torso Model

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470029-746EA 425 USD
Introductory Youth Torso Model
Economical, Compact Structure For Basic Anatomical Studies

  • Full color
  • Sexless
  • Superficial musculature
The exterior of the detailed, full-color, sexless model shows the superficial musculature of the torso, head, and neck in the proportions of a young person. It can also be removed to reveal the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, and urinary systems. The heart, lungs, and viscera are also removable to show the kidneys, major blood vessels, the trachea, and more. The head is sagitally sectioned to reveal the inner features of the brains, sinuses, and mouth. The five-part model is mounted on a base or can be laid flat and comes with a 56-page manual that identifies 110 structures and contains student observation data sheets.