Introduction to Conductivity Experiment Kit (Refill Kit Only)

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Introduction to Conductivity Experiment Kit (Refill Kit Only)
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Please Note: Only the refill kit is available at this time.

With this kit students study the principles of conductors and insulators; study and develop the principles of electrolytes and non-electrolytes using acids, bases, salts, alcohols, and hydrocarbons; test a variety of common materials for their conductivity characteristics; and learn to differentiate between strong, weak, and non-conductors of electricity.

Includes: 3 LED conductivity indicators; 15 Lab-AidsĀ® ChemplatesĀ® w/spatula; 3 drop controlled btls deionized water; 2 drop controlled btls each 6M hydrochloric acid, denatured alcohol, glacial acetic acid; 1 vial each calcium hydroxide, sodium chloride crystals, sucrose crystals; 1 pkg. each copper wire w/insulation, metal paper clips, plastic toothpicks, rubber bands, cut string; 30 student guides; 1 instruction manual with MSDS.

Note: Three 9V batteries required for conductivity indicators, not included.