Introduction to Molecular Models Student Activity

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Introduction to Molecular Models Student Activity
Models Molecular Biology Models
Understand Electron and Atom Characteristics

  • Introduction to 2 and 3 dimensional molecular models
  • Understand Lewis diagramming
  • Construct molecular structures
  • Write empirical and structural formula
  • Requires 1-2 50 minutes classroom periods to complete
Find the atomic connection with these specially designed, two-part kits—a perfect introduction to molecular structure. Students first develop an understanding of electron characteristics by constructing two-dimensional models using diecut, color-coded atoms. With the help of a four-page student worksheet, they construct a number of elements and compounds to learn about valence electrons, ionic bonds, covalent bonds and the advantages of structural vs molecular formulas. Once they master the basics, students then use color-coded plastic atoms and bonds to create more complex three-dimensional structures.

Ordering information: Material include 12 Sets of color-coded 3-dimensional plastic atoms, 12 sets of printed color-coded 2-dimensional die-cut atoms.