Introductory Nerve Tissues Slide Set

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Introductory Nerve Tissues Slide Set
Slides and Cover Glasses Prepared Slides
Introduction to the Various Types of Excitable Cells

  • Identifying features clearly distinguishable
  • Rigorous quality control standards
Introduce your students to the nervous system and the many different components involved within this biological network.

Ordering information: Set includes Motor Neurons: Giant multipolar motor neurons; neuron connecting to muscle fibers (sm); Nissl bodies in neurocytes (sect); Glial Cells: Neuroglia, protoplasmic astrocytes (sect); Medullated Nerves: Medullated nerve fibers, teased peripheral nerves (wm); Medullated nerve (cs/ls); Sensory Neurons: Pacinian corpuscle, pressure (cs); Neuro-epithelium (sect); Spinal Cord; Spinal cord (cs); Spinal ganglion (ls); Sympathetic ganglion (ls).