Investigating the Design and Output of Wet Cell Batteries Kit

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Investigating the Design and Output of Wet Cell Batteries Kit
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Electrochemistry Learning Activities
See How Electrochemical Cells Operate

  • Students gather, analyze, and interpret data
  • Students use evidence to develop descriptions, predictions, and models
  • Requires one to two 50 minute class periods
Introduce students to the concept of energy conversion. Using the unique LAB–AIDS Wet Cell Chamber, students will design and conduct an experiment to determine which combination of different metals work best to convert potential chemical energy into electric energy. Students will rank the metals tested in order of reactivity as well as investigate how various factors such as the direction of the current flow, the distance between the metals and the amount of metal surface area, affect the electrical output of the wet cell.

Ordering information: Materials Include Table Salt, Copper strips, Iron strips, Magnesium strips, Zinc strips, Electric motors, Wet Cell Chambers SEPUP®, Black wire leads with alligator clips, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution, dropper bottles, Graduated cups, Plastic cups, Sandpaper, Red wire leads with alligator clips, Plastic spoons, Transparency 1: Sample Procedure and Data Table for Part B, Transparency 2: Metals Activity Chart.