Lab-Aids® Investigating The Sense Of Taste Kit

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Lab-Aids® Investigating The Sense Of Taste Kit
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Map taste locations on the tongue.

  • Examine differing sensitivity of taste buds
  • Time required: one 50 minutes class
This Lab-Aid is a highly motivating and fun-filled series of activities that allows students to discover a variety of concepts about themselves through their own sense of taste. Using simple activities and working in teams, students study the relationship of smell to taste and how closely tied they are to each other. They then locate and 'map' as well as identify, the areas of the tongue which detect the taste sensations of sweet, salty, bitter and sour. They discover that all taste buds are not sensitive to the same taste. This kit consists of two complete student investigations, with additional activities suggested in the teacher’s manual. A teacher must provide a fresh apple, potato and onion for the first investigation.

drop controlled bottles
wood toothpicks
cotton tipped applicators
plastic dishes
student worksheets
instruction manual with SDS

Ordering information: Materials needed but not supplied: Fresh onion, apple and potato

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