Justrite® Liquid Disposal Can and ECO Funnels

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470202-914EA 378.85 USD
Justrite® Liquid Disposal Can and ECO Funnels
Safety Cans
A safe solution for containing flammable wastes and corrosives, this Justrite Liquid Disposal Can is constructed of high density polyethylene for superior chemical resistance and leak protection.

  • High-Density Polyethylene Construction
  • Flame Arrester Guards Against Outside Ignition
  • Innovative, FM-Approved Eco Funnels
  • Easy Pouring and Filling
  • Cap Vents at between Three and Five psig
The lid's fixed position on the lid allows for easy pouring and filling. When closed, the cap vents at between three and five psig while a flame arrester guards against outside ignition.

Designed to work with the Justrite container, innovative ECO funnels give users increased control and decreased chance of spills when pouring hazardous liquids. They feature a cap for safe sealing when not in use. All funnels are FM approved and equipped with a flame arrestor.