Sandusky Keyless Electronic Storage Cabinet

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Sandusky Keyless Electronic Storage Cabinet
Furniture Storage Cabinets
Heavy gauge welded steel construction of these cabinets meets ANSI/BIFMA shelf standards. Units include four adjustable shelves on 2" centers, plus a raised bottom shelf. There are three sets of hinges on each door, and the cabinets are equipped with a keyless electronic coded locking system. The coded lock is available with two passwords, for shared users. These combinations can be changed to any combination of numbers, four for the user and six for an administrative password. The keypad also keeps a record of the day, date, and time of when the cabinet was accessed, which can be disabled when the mechanism is idle. Exterior battery pack that can be plugged into the keypad and key is included. Powder coated finish available in 10 colors. Freight class 125.