Enzyme Catalysis Lab Activity

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Enzyme Catalysis Lab Activity
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In this experiment, students safely analyze the enzymatic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

  • Material for 10 Lab Groups
  • Calorimetric Assay Avoids Potential Dangers
  • Estimated Required Lab Time: 30 to 45 Minutes
  • No Corrosive Acid
  • Expensive Burettes and Syringes Not Needed
Students use a calorimetric assay that avoids potential dangers associated with the use of corrosive acid or potassium permanganate or the expense of burettes and syringes. They measure reaction rates and discuss the effects of parameters such as temperature and substrate concentration.

The activity is meant for 10 lab groups.

Ordering information: This lab includes a coupon for perishable items, catalase solution, hydrogen peroxide, a phosphate buffer, assay reagent A, cidification solution, color enhancer and developer concentrate, a plastic tube, and instructions. A visual spectrophotometer, timers, beakers, 10 mL test tubes with racks, 1, 5 and 10 mL pipets with bulbs or pumps, linear graph paper, markers, distilled water, ice, and personal safety equipment are needed but not included.