Plant Pigment Chromatography and Photosynthesis

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Plant Pigment Chromatography and Photosynthesis
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials AP Biology Learning Activities
Students perform thin-layer chromatographic separation of carotene, xanthophyll, and chlorophylls.

  • Key Reagents Demonstrate Photosynthesis
  • Thin-Layer Separation Results Minimize Solvent Use
  • Material for 10 Lab Groups
  • Estimated Lab Time: 90 Minutes
Thin-layer separation results are more defined than paper chromatography and minimize solvent use.

This lab includes key reagents to demonstrate photosynthesis. It contains material for 10 lab groups. The duration of the lab is 90 minutes or two lab periods.

Ordering information: This kit includes a chloroplast extraction buffer, a reducing reagent, a chloroplast dilution buffer, DCIP, (2 and 6-dichlorophenol-indophenol) concentrate, standard pigments, chromatography solvent, sarkosyl ionic detergent, a thin layer chromatography plate, capillary pipets, transfer pipets, micro test tubes, centrifuge tube, and instructions. Some perishable items require freezer storage. A visual spectrophotometer, a clinical centrifuge, a flood light or small portable lamps, beakers, test tubes and racks, 1 and 5 mL pipets with pumps or bulbs, metric rulers, cheesecloth, foil, pencils, 95 to 100% isopropanol, distilled water, ice, fresh spinach, a blender, a calculator, a timer, and personal safety equipment are required but not included.