EDVOTEK AP Lab 9: Biotechnology- Restriction Enzyme Analysis of DNA

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EDVOTEK AP Lab 9: Biotechnology- Restriction Enzyme Analysis of DNA
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Chromatography Learning Activities
For AP Biology Classes

  • Time required: ~60 minutes
This experiment introduces the use of restriction enzymes as a tool to digest DNA at specific nucleotide sequences. Bateriophage lambda DNA has a linear structure and 6 Eco RI recognition sites. Separation by agarose gel electrophoresis of an Eco RI digest of lambda DNA will yield 6 bands (5 distinct bands, two are very close in size) corresponding to the DNA fragments.

Kit Includes: instructions, DNA samples (packaged as either Pre-aliquoted QuickStrip™ connected tubes or as individual 1.5 ml (or 0.5 ml) microcentrifuge tubes), UltraSpec-Agarose™ powder, concentrated electrophoresis buffer, FlashBlue™ DNA stain, InstaStain® Blue cards, practice gel loading solution, 1 ml pipette, and microtipped transfer pipettes

Required, but not included: horizontal gel electrophoresis apparatus, D.C. power supply, micropipettes with tips, balance, microwave, hot plate or burner, pipette pump, 250 ml flasks or beakers, hot gloves, safety goggles and disposable laboratory gloves, small plastic trays or large weigh boats (for gel distaining), DNA visualization system (white light), and distilled or deionized water.

Packaging: Store Ready-to-Load QuickStrip™ samples in the refrigerator