Lab 9: Principles of Transpiration

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Lab 9: Principles of Transpiration
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials AP Biology Learning Activities
Applying what was learned in Lab 1, students study the movement of water within the plant, then prepare and study sections of fresh plant stem tissueRequired, but not included: microscope(s), slides and coverslips, ring stands and clamps, 100 W light source, fan, scale or balance, spray bottle, 10 ml pipets, spatulas, razor or scalpel blades, potting soil, petroleum jelly, 50% ethanol, mounting media, and large plastic bags. For 10 student groups. Duration: 1-2 hours or two lab periods.

Kit contents:
• Bush bean seeds (allow 2 week seedling growth prior to day of lab)
• Toluidine Blue-O stain
• Parawax
• Microtomes—nut/bolt form
• Petri plates
• 0.1 ml pipets
• Complete instructions
• Instructions