Laboratory Vacuum Pump and Compressor

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Teacher / Teacher / Georgia
Does not pull a full vacuum for penny-and-feather physics demos or the "bell in a jar" demo. The low pressure it creates DOES make a difference in the bell volume and the time it takes a feather to fall, but it doesn't get the air pressure low enough for the feather to fall at the same rate as the penny.
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Education / Technicien en laboratoire / Mont-Saint-Hilaire
Yes, I recommend
I'm excited to try it even as a vaccum pump and as a compressor to dry glass tube!!! It's a 2 in 1 product that seem to be very convenient. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
Reply associate Published 09/12/2017
Thank you!
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Laboratory Vacuum Pump and Compressor
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Great for Use in Schools. This rugged, oil-less diaphragm pump runs quiet and requires low maintenance. Its large carrying handle allows easy moving from class to class.