Ward's® Lac Operon: Turning On Your Genes Activity Lab Activity

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Education / Teacher / Newark, NY
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I had been looking for a lab to demonstrate the turning on and off of genes and this lab really did the trick for helping my students take a very challenging topic and see it applied. Bonus for my students who are lactose intolerant! All students loved the lab. It was easy to follow and required no modifications!
SARGENTWELCH.com associate Published 12/13/2021
Thanks for sharing!
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Ward's® Lac Operon: Turning On Your Genes Activity Lab Activity
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Useful for teaching AP Biology units on Molecular Genetics.

  • Illustrate multiple types of gene regulation
  • Teacher developed and classroom tested
This manipulative activity can be used to show how genes are "turned off and on" to prevent waste of energy and resources, as well as to demonstrate concepts of proteins, enzymes, and gene expression. Students label and define all parts of the operon and walk through the steps of the operon when it is considered on and off. This can then be tied into lessons on positive and negative feedback loops. Developed by Carol Bullock. Includes materials for 30 students with accompanying DVD and instructions.