Lady Bug Land

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Lady Bug Land
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This kit is appropriate for grades Pre-K+.

  • Attractive to young students
  • Easy to grow
  • Easy to clean and reuse
Reveal the magic of metamorphosis with Insect Lore's fascinating Ladybug Landâ„¢. The colorful, domed Ladybug Land observation habitat comes with a magnifying lid for close up observation, a pipette to feed the ladybugs, and a voucher for 15-20 live ladybug larvae that Insect Lore will mail directly to your address for an additional fee. You get to watch tiny larvae bloom into adorable ladybugs - catch them in action as they eat and molt.

Here's a few factual tidbits to get you started—The spots on a ladybug's back don't really tell its age! That is an old myth. The spots actually identify the species of ladybug it is. Ladybug shells are red, yellow, or orange and their spots are black, red, white, or yellow. Some Ladybugs have no spots, but for those that do, the least number of spots is two.

Accessories information: See accessories tab for additional ladybug products including adult ladybug refills for your habitat.

Ordering information: The habitat comes with a voucher for larvae that is fulfilled through a third party for an additional fee. Live ladybug larvae are shipped to destinations within the Continental USA and Alaska. The supplier cannot ship live larvae to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico or Canada.