LaMotte® Combination Soil Test Kit

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LaMotte® Combination Soil Test Kit
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With the LaMotte Combination Soil Test Kit, students can measure pH, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium levels.

  • Soil Extract Does Not Require Filtration
  • Graduated Test Tubes with Test Tube Holder Included
  • Two Instruction Manuals with Kit
  • Reagents for pH, Phosphorous, and Potassium Tests
  • Kit Stored in Polypropylene Case
A unique reagent system eliminates the need for filtering the soil extract, and step-by-step Instructions make it easy to carry out the test procedures. Readings are made in graduated, plastic test tubes with a test tube holder, included.

Students compare results to the Mylar-laminated color charts.

Ordering information: This kit includes reagents for 30 pH tests, 15 nitrogen tests, 20 phosphorous tests, and 15 potassium tests. It also includes a polypropylene case and two manuals.