LaMotte® TesTab® Water Investigation Kit

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LaMotte® TesTab® Water Investigation Kit
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The LaMotte TesTab Water Investigation Kit provides a safe, convenient way to test for thirteen factors.

  • TesTabs: Nonhazardous Reagents in Tablet Form
  • Handbook Included
  • Light Carrying Case Included
  • Enough Material for 100 Tests Each of Thirteen Factors
  • Kit Provides Safe, Easy Way to Test Water
These easy-to-use TesTabs, which are safe, nonhazardous reagents in tablet form, allow students to test water samples in the lab or in the field.

The kit provides enough for 100 tests each for alkalinity, ammonia, biochemical oxygen demand, chloride, chlorine, chromium, copper, hardness, iron, nitrate, dissolved oxygen, pH, and phosphate.

Ordering information: The kit also includes a comprehensive handbook, instructions, and flashcards with background information on each test factor to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Packaging: All materials come packaged in a light carrying case for easy transportation to the field.