Leaf and Seed Games

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Leaf and Seed Games
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Human Biology Learning Activities
Appropriate for Grades Pre-K - 2
The purpose of these games is to help develop visual perception and observation skills that will enable students to match objects based on their physical characteristics.

There are eight games designed for PreK to second grade to develop habits of thinking. Students will learn how to observe, classify, measure, predict, sort, count and analyze. The games are meant to be fun so the children will learn as they are being entertained. The leaf and seed games included 20 leaf carded specimens, 20 seed carded specimens, and instructions for each game.

There are a total of 10 different species in the kit, two specimens of each leaf and two specimens of each seed.
Sample of games offered:
leaf and seed matching game, leaf and seed detective game, leaf and seed classifying game, leaf and seed shape game and more!