Rudiger® Life-Size Human Skeleton Model

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Education / Science Lab Manager / Hialeah, FL
Yes, I recommend
This product fulfilled my expectations and was very useful for classes.
Reply associate Published 02/03/2023
Thanks! We love this Life-Size Human Skeleton Model too!
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Rudiger® Life-Size Human Skeleton Model
Models Human Biology Models
These high-quality, synthetic skeletons are perfect for everyday use.

  • Five-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Durable Plastic Molding
  • Excellent Articulation
  • Adjustable Plastic Stand Included
  • Vinyl Dust Cover Included
Each skeleton is an accurate, life-size replica of an adult, human male and features horizontal sectioning of the skull to permit study of the cranial cavity. They include an adjustable plastic stand and a zippered, vinyl dust cover.

The model with painted muscles has muscle origins painted in red and insertions painted in blue on its left side. Each muscle is numbered for easy identification. The right side of this skeleton has been left unpainted for bone study.

Ordering information: This product includes a manufacturer's warranty.