Liston Amputating Knife

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Education / Adj Prof Anatomy and Phuysiology / NY & PA
Yes, I recommend
I have used this knife with great success in my college anatomy and physiology labs; especially with organ dissection like the sheet, heart, the sheep kidney, and the sheep brain, etc. I use it with anything that I want my students to section into nearly equal halves. it works much better than running around the perimeter with a scalpel. It is also easier for the student to visualize their sections since they can see where the knife is on both sides of the organ. Due to its length the students seem to work more carefully making their sections. Also I find ti very easy to clean. Lastly, there is no need for a sharps contained when using this knife.
Reply associate Published 09/25/2017
Thank you for sharing!
470018-930EA 23.6 USD
Liston Amputating Knife
The one-piece, stainless steel design won’t break when cutting tough muscle tissue and cartilage.

Blade length: 8".

Caution: These instruments are intended for training and educational use only. These are not intended for human or animal procedures.