Ward's® NY's Grade 4 Science Performance Test Kit

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Ward's® NY's Grade 4 Science Performance Test Kit
Labware Sets
Contains all non-school supplied Laboratory Performance Test Kit (Form A) components in one convenient package. Includes enough material for 30 students with 10 setups for each of three stations. No assembly required. Will save you a minimum of 2 hours preparation time.

  • Packaged For 3 Test Stations
  • Contains All Non-School Supplied Laboratory Performance Test Kit (Form A) Components In One Convenient Package
  • Supplied In A Reusable Storage Containers
  • Test-Ready: All Station Components Are Grouped Together And Labeled For Easy Set-Up
  • Save An Estimated 2 Hours Of Preparation Time
Materials Included:

Station 1
Labeled jars and labeled lids
Labeled plastic cups
Plastic 100 mL beakers
Metric/English rulers
Medicine cups
Paper towel sheets

Station 2
D-cell batteries
Mini bulbs
Bulb holders
Battery holders
Insulated wires with clips
Bar magnets
Sets of "Test Objects" (penny, rubber band, paper clip, plastic spoon, nickel, wooden stick, aluminum foil square, colored ceramic disk)

Station 3
Wood blocks
Metric rulers with groove
Transparent containers with hole and colored dot
Golf balls
Ping pong balls
Laminated place mats
Roll duct tape
Roll masking tape