One Step ELISA for Diagnostics Kit

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One Step ELISA for Diagnostics Kit
Assays ELISAs
Fast and Easy ELISA Experiment

  • Fast, 1/2 the time of a typical ELISA
  • Time required: 20 minutes
Teach your students the ELISA technique in less than half the time of traditional ELISAs! This experiment eliminates the need for the primary and secondary antibody normally needed for ELISAs because the detection antibody has an enzyme linked to it directly. Simply add substrate to discover which patient is infected.

Kit includes: instructions, antigens & antibodies, substrate, phosphate buffered saline, tubes, plates, and transfer pipettes.

Required, but not included: distilled or deionized water, 37° C incubation oven, micropipettes with tips, laboratory glassware.

Packaging: Storage: Some components require refrigerator storage on arrival