Precision Test Strips

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CHL-10-1V-50 NAT-1V-50
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Precision Test Strips
Environmental Test Kits
Precision Test Strips quickly test for low levels of nitrite and chlorine.

  • Fast Tests
  • Pool Test Strip Measures pH, free, and Total Chlorine
  • Aquarium Test Strip Measures pH and Chlorine Levels
  • Fifty Test Strips in One Package
  • Test Strips for Nitrite and Chlorine
After immersing the strip in the solution to be measured, the concentration is measured by comparing the strip’s color to a color chart on the package.

The Pool Test Strip is three tests in one—pH, free, and total chlorine. The aquarium test strip simultaneously measures pH and chlorine levels.

Packaging: Each package includes 50 test strips in a resealable package.