Purification and Size Determination of GFP and BFP Kit

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Purification and Size Determination of GFP and BFP Kit
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Cloned from jellyfish, green fluorescent protein (GFP) has been effectively used as a tag to follow the localization and function of proteins in cells. The unique properties of GFP and blue fluorescent protein (BFP) are used in this experiment as an assay during its purification from an E. coli extract. Column fractions, which contain GFP and BFP will be identified by green fluorescence. Additionally, purified protein fractions can be submitted to denaturing SDS polyacrylamide gel analysis to estimate the purity and size of the GFP or BFP protein.Kit contents:Dry matrix for columns6 chromatography columnsGreen and blue fluorescent protein extractsElution bufferProtein molecular weight standardsProtein denaturation solutionGlycerol solutionProtein InstaStain™Protein Plus™ StainMicrotest tubesInstructions with background informationRequires, but does not include, long wave UV light, waterbath, ring stand and clamps, automatic micropipet (5-50uL), micropipet tips, vertical gel electrophoresis apparatus, DC power supply, three polyacrylamide gels, glacial acetic acid, and methanol.