Qualitative ELISA Kit

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470120-906EA 150 USD
Qualitative ELISA Kit
Assays ELISAs
Demonstrate the quantitation of varying concentrations of viral antigens as detected by the intensity of the color reaction due to the accumulation of products.

  • Material for Six Groups with 12 Reactions Each
  • Instructions with Background Information Included
  • Some Components Require 4°C Refrigeration
The kit provides material for six groups with 12 reactions each.

Some components require 4°C refrigeration upon receipt.

Ordering information: This kit includes antigens, antibodies, and secondary antibodies; substrate solution; phosphate buffered saline; blocking agent; stop solution; microtiter plates; transfer pipets; micro-test tubes; and instructions with background information. The kit requires, but does not include, distilled or deionized water, incubation oven, and automatic pipets (5—50 µL) and tips.

Delivery information: This item is shipped ambient.