Rutherford Scattering Apparatus

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Rutherford Scattering Apparatus
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Repeat the Famous Experiment of Ernest Rutherford

Repeat the Famous Experiment of Ernest RutherfordIn 1908 a critical investigation was conducted on alpha particle scattering. Fundamental to the discovery of the atom's structure, this experiment demonstrates that the charge of the atomic nucleus is concentrated at the center of the atom. A cylindrical plastic chamber houses a Po-210 alpha particle source at one end, and 8.6cm diameter circle of alpha particle-sensitive film at the other. The film develops in 2.5 molar NaOH. . Comes with 5 sheets alpha particle sensitive film, and alpha particle source, and a reticule to define the scattering angle when counting the exposed film. Beam angle of particle source is 2.5 degrees, with deflecting angle +/- 20 degrees. Film exposure time = approx 7 days. Dimensions: 25 x 14 x 15cm. Requires a vacuum pump to evacuate the chamber, stereo microscope for viewing film, beaker and heater for film processing