Ward's® Live Turbatrix aceti (Vinegar Eel) Culture

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Education / Lab Manager / University of Toronto
I been ordering this item yearly for about 10 years. It's always have a good number of them in the jar. They do swim a bit fast for the student to see. We slow them down with thickening agent.
SARGENTWELCH.com associate Published 11/03/2017
Thank you for sharing!
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Ward's® Live Turbatrix aceti (Vinegar Eel) Culture
Specimens Live Specimens Animals - Living Material
Commonly known as the Vinegar Eel, these free-living nematodes require very little care, feeding in vinegar and feeding on fungi contained in it.

  • Visible under a microscope at 20X
  • Quick development: Watch development from egg to adult in approximately 5 weeks
  • They are among the lowest group of animals to possess a complete digestive tract
  • Excellent source of live food for fish fry
These harmless, non-parasitic nematodes that live in vinegar are extremely easy to culture. The majority of the nematodes are approximately 1mm in length. They reproduce sexually, and are sexually dimorphic; males are smaller and have a curved posterior end.