Tangent Galvanometer

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Houston, TX
No, I didn't recommend
check the windings! - We ordered 6 units. When the lab reports came in the 5-turn connection was often producing more deflection than the 10-turn. I peeled back the tape and found that 4 of the 6 units had the 5-turn winding connected to the 10-turn terminal and vice versa. I will paste labels over the original markings.
470137-638EA 116 USD
Tangent Galvanometer
Electrical Meters Voltmeters
This versatile galvanometer demonstrates how a current loop generates a magnetic field.

  • Five, Ten, or Fifteen Turns
  • Versatile
  • Acrylic Hoop
  • Three Binding Posts
  • Two Coils Of Copper Wire
The galvanometer includes one 12.7 cm diameter acrylic hoop wrapped with two coils of copper wire. One coil has five turns, and the other coil has ten.

Three binding posts allow connections to five, ten, or 15 turns and a compass.